CEUs for Independent Studies (IS)

CEUs for Independent Studies (IS)

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This product affords you with up to 2 RID CEUs (20 hours min).

Participants should plan an Independent Study with input from and in consultation with the Sponsor. The Sponsor must review, approve and monitor any Independent Study project. Examples of successful Independent Study include research, curriculum development, or enhancement projects, study groups, developing effective mentoring strategies or evaluation rubric or the preparation of scientific/clinical materials for publication. NOTE: Participants must apply for and receive approval from a Sponsor prior to the commencement of the activity.

Sign Enhancers has a wide variety of successfully written and executed Independent Study Plans that have been utilized across the continent, ranging in topic from use of space to fingerspelling.

RID states: Most Independent Studies, while some of the most worthwhile educational experiences for interpreters, do not have the same documented value as traditional classroom or workshop studies. In the former, the participant is designing and exploring the educational content; in the latter the instructor has already completed most of this development work and delivers the most salient pieces for learning. In activities where the method of educational delivery does not lend itself to easy translation or calculation of CEUs, the Sponsor shall specify the method of determining the number of CEUs awarded for the Independent Study Activity. The PDC reserves the right to evaluate and determine the appropriateness of the number of CEUs assigned. It is a very rare situation where the Independent Study would qualify as an hour of work for every 0.1 CEU earned.

You will want to reach out to Jonathan & Stephanie before making this purchase in order to ensure you are obtaining the appropriate product. contact at signenhancers.com